Respite and Reablement Care

Prestwood House and Prestwood Coach House offer short-term respite care for those who either need a short stay with us or reablement for those that need a little more support before going home after hospital. Prestwood Lodge offers residential accommodation and facilities for the more independent person – full details of the admission criteria for Prestwood Lodge can be found under the Care Homes section.

Our respite stays provide temporary care and support within a safe, comforting environment and the duration of the stay can last from anything between a few days right up until a few months with us.

Our reablement care is a short and intensive service which is offered to people with disabilities and those who are frail or recovering from an illness or injury. The purpose of reablement is to help people who have experienced deterioration in their health and/or have increased support needs to relearn the skills required to keep them safe and independent at home, once they return there.

Whether short-term care is necessary due to regular carers going on holidays, or the individual themselves fancy a “holiday” or whether recovery from hospital requires a little extra support, Prestwood House and Prestwood Coach House can cater to your individual needs.

So that we can deliver the most appropriate care for each individual a detailed pre-admission assessment undertaken by our Director of Nursing takes into account the “whole person”.  We take time to discuss social needs as well as medical needs, the aims and desired outcomes for each person so that their individual needs and wants can be met accordingly.  Where possible we will include family, relatives and other health care professionals in the assessment process.

Whether short-term or long-term, all clients are treated equally at Prestwood.  All respite and reablement clients will have the same care and support as long-standing clients, including the same access to activities, mealtimes and all other aspects of the services we provide. A short temporary stay can be a great way of familiarising yourself with our homes, particularly if you are considering a more permanent stay in the future.

Due to our open-door policy, our clients and their visitors have the freedom to come and go as they please, therefore our homes may not be a suitable environment for all potential clients. Our admission criteria is intended to ensure we can adequately meet the needs of each individual and if we feel we are unable to do so, or if other residents would be adversely affected, we will advise accordingly.

Our fees include full personal and nursing care and vary according to the specific accommodation chosen; we accept privately-funded clients and clients who are partly or fully funded by Social Services.

Please fill out an enquiry form on the Contact Us page, or call 01384 877440 if you are interested in respite or reablement care at Prestwood House or Prestwood Coach House.