Since 1985, we have provided services to older people in the local community.

We are immensely proud of the professionalism of our services and the very high standards of care we provide, whether residential or in our clients’ homes.

People who use our services have safe and appropriate care, treatment and support because their individual needs are established on referral or when they begin to use the service. The assessment, planning and delivery of the clients care, treatment and support is centred on them as an individual and considers all aspects of their individual circumstances, immediate, intermediate and longer term needs.

Mission Statement

The organisation (Completelink Limited) aims to be the FIRST CHOICE for those people looking for high quality care. It is our belief that every client should be central to the delivery of service and that whatever their abilities and needs they have a right to their own standards being met, to be shown respect and to receive support in a psychological and physical sense.  Clients should have information, control over their own life, choice and independence.

The mission is pursued through:

 Investing in People:

Retention of the Investors in People standard will be pursued.  The accreditation of the Investors in People standard reflects the investment and commitment made from top down to the training and on-going development of the workforce of the company that provides a service each day, both front of house and behind the scenes.

 Quality Auditing:

We will continually monitor the standards of our service through internal auditing and through the involvement of clients, their families or representatives and staff to gain feedback regarding their individual needs and expectations.

 Corporate Policies and Procedures:

Clear policies, procedures and guidelines will be adopted by the company and communicated throughout the workforce to ensure we work towards a common goal